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Behavioral Medicine Associates was born out of necessity.  At the beginning of the pandemic in-person healthcare delivery came to a stop, but the need for individual care did not.  Dr. Jamile Ashmore quickly set out to remedy this problem.  He designed a virtual platform and processes that brought psychological services to the safety and comfort of your home.  He then partnered with Dr. Kristi Roper, and together they launched what has become the go-to virtual clinic for those managing their weight through bariatric surgery.  Their team of compassionate and expert Health and Rehabilitation Psychologists provide only science-based evaluations and treatments.  They work closely with referring surgeons and personalize behavioral recommendations designed to optimize surgical weight loss success.  In addition to providing insurance required pre-surgical psychological evaluations, Behavioral Medicine Associates provide support at every stage of the weight loss journey.


Jamile (Jay) Ashmore, PhD, ABPP

Jamile (Jay) Ashmore, Ph. D. ABPP is board certified in clinical health psychology and is the co-founder and consulting Psychologist for Behavioral Medicine Associates.  He has two decades of experience developing, implementing, and directing evidence-based behavioral health programs in large and small medical settings.  Dr. Ashmore seeks to help people improve health behaviors and reduce the psychological and social impact of acute and chronic problems such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, and COPD.  He is currently the Medical Director of the Division of Medical Psychology at The Heart Hospital which is a joint venture with the Baylor Scott & White Healthcare System. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at Southern Methodist University where he teaches advanced clinical skills to Ph.D. students.  His funded and published research has focused on the biopsychosocial aspects of physical disease.


Dr. Ashmore has and continues to serve leadership roles at the local and national level.  He was Co-chair of the North Texas Behavioral Health Council for the Baylor Scott & White Healthcare System where he led behavioral health initiatives.  He also currently serves on the American Psychological Association’s Advisory Steering Committee for Clinical Practice Guideline Development and Healthcare Finance Advisory Group.  


Dr. Ashmore earned his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, completed his pre-doctoral clinical training at the Duke University Medical Center, and completed his post-doctoral training at the Cooper Institute.  He is the former Regional Director of Behavioral Health at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Plano and Vice President of Weight Management at the Cooper Aerobics Center.  Dr. Ashmore lives in McKinney, TX but closely follows The Ohio State wrestling team where he was a varsity athlete.  He enjoys being outdoors, biking, running, and cooking


Kristi Roper, PhD

Dr. Roper is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of Behavioral Medicine Associates.  She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from American Psychological Association accredited universities. She focused her training during her Post-Doctoral Residency on clinical psychology, pain management, biofeedback and neuropsychological evaulations. 

Dr. Roper has been providing psychological services since 1991 and is the Co-Founder of Mind Body Wellness.  She has worked for years to improve the quality of life for countless adults in medical settings and their families. In addition to her direct medical psychology practice, she has earned the respect of many physicians and health care providers, developing trainings for families, clinicians, and staff members of rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. She is co-author and developer of the PAR-published GRRAS instruments, lead author of the Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment, Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment Second Edition, and multiple peer review journals and book chapters.